Sustainability for the future

The Society's goal is to help positively shape the future through sustainable business practices. Using the ISO 20121 standard employed by high profile events such as the Olympic Games and FIFA World Cup, Instep work with the Society to monitor and manage the reduction of event carbon footprints.

The progressive introduction of better waste facilities and handling has seen significant improvement in reduction of waste sent to landfill. During events organised and hosted by Society at our Mystery Creek venue we are asking specifically for increased numbers of stakeholders to join those already minimising their waste generation and subsequently seek their help in providing recyclable, or degradable packaging and presentation material to maximise the recycling undertaken at events.

Establishing a waste minimisation culture

Establishing a waste minimisation culture in our office workplace is also essential to reducing the overall impact our organisation has on the environment. Our employee sustainability initiatives currently include:

  • We report on our waste so we know how we’re tracking
  • We recycle everything we can, especially our day-to-day waste including; paper, plastics, glass, batteries, keys, florescent light bulbs, cans and coffee grinds
  • We strive to work in a paperless environment
  • Electric vehicle charging stations have been installed at our Society headquarters
  • Food scraps are kept separate and are taken home by staff for their animals
  • Installation of high efficiency and sensor lighting control and air conditioning systems all helps to minimise the venue’s energy usage
  • Water conservation methods include the use of grey water for site irrigation