Society’s contribution to the Waikato region

December 21, 2018

Earlier this month, the New Zealand National Fieldays Society President Peter Carr and CEO Peter Nation attended a Waikato Regional Council meeting to receive an award recognising the Society’s contribution to the region.

The inaugural award acknowledged the significant contribution the Society has made to the Waikato region’s economy, environment and communities.

Economically – the Society’s cornerstone event Fieldays generates $168M in sales to firms in the Waikato region and contributes $70M to the Waikato GDP.
Environmentally – there’s a focus on initiatives that encourage sustainability, efficiency and reducing environmental impacts.

Supporting the community – through awarding scholarships and making charitable donations to a range of worthy individuals and organisations that benefits local communities.

The Society was commended by the Waikato Regional Council for playing a key role in making the Waikato the best it can be, supporting the council’s outcomes of a healthy environment, strong economy and vibrant communities.

Receiving this award was made even more special as it was presented by Society Past President and Life member Councillor Russ Rimmington and Past General Manager and Life Member Councillor Barry Quayle.

Society President Peter Carr spoke of receiving this special award saying, “It was an honour and pleasure for the Society to be recognised in this way by those charged with the political and economic oversight of the Waikato Region”.

Pictured L-R: Alan Livingstone, CEO Peter Nation, President Peter Carr, past General Manager, Life Member and Councillor Barry Quayle and Life Member and Councillor Russ Rimmington.