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It is my privilege to formally thank the many people and their families who have dedicated their time before us, allowing us to celebrate Fieldays and the Society. We value the relationships that place us firmly on the world stage. Peter Nation

Fieldays 2021

Fieldays is not only a platform for primary sector businesses to trade, it is also a destination for family and friends to come together and connect,
and we are looking forward to safety enabling that activity again.

Given the impact COVID-19 has had on New Zealand, more than ever, we need the primary sector to thrive, grow, and lead us into recovery.
Fieldays has an important role to play in facilitating opportunities and boosting the earnings of the primary sector. Peter Nation

Fieldays 2021

"Listening to volunteers, hearing their passion and stories is very rewarding for me and they're offering a great service to people coming back to Fieldays this year." Steve Chappell - Fieldays
Project Coordinator

2021 Fieldays

Launching Fieldays Online was no small feat – the team created the platform out of necessity under trying circumstances, and it is now a vital component of our digital roadmap moving forward.

Mystery Creek Event Centre 2021

Mystery Creek Predator Free 2021