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It has been my privilege to lead this organisation through some of the most challenging times it has experienced in its 52-year history.
While this responsibility has, weighed heavily on my shoulders, I am grateful for the support from both internal and external sources, reaching out materially and with morale support. The overall year has involved at times, making some very difficult decisions with the primary goal of ensuring the business remained
sustainable long term.

I am grateful to our team, whom under extreme adversity helped stabilise the business, which for many was well outside their comfort zone. While under lock down we built and implemented Fieldays Online – a virtual Fieldays platform, the first of its kind in the world. Fieldays Online delivered on all our goals, but most importantly it kept our brand alive, supported our story and that of New Zealand, across the globe.

Technical innovations such as Fieldays Online, the interactive wristbands and ticketing system are platforms that will help underpin and future proof the Fieldays event for the next decade. Peter Nation

Fieldays Online 2020

Winner of the Westpac Waikato Business Awards - Social and Environmental Sustainability

Mystery Creek Event Centre 2020

“I get a kick out of helping clients deliver their own events and seeing them walk away with great outcomes. Knowing that I helped them achieve this and having positive feedback from them is what drives me to continuously strive to be better.” Marie Rechner - NZNFS Event Manager