Ag Heritage

From the first development of Māori Agriculture, the establishment of Māori led bicultural agricultural settlements, the sovereignty challenging land wars of the 1850’s, the development of peat soil for farming, and an endless stream of agricultural innovation.

It is these events that have shaped the primary sector, and the New Zealand of today. Our collection and location allows these stories to be discovered by students in an authentic context, connecting them to their whenua, and their te puna.

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Ag Heritage Education

The Agricultural village plays a crucial role in educating our young people about food, farming and rural New Zealand. Within the Heritage Village sits a lot of Waikato’s history, with a small-town garage, school, hospital, blacksmith, church and the former Kihikihi jail, as well as the National Dairy Museum and a restored DC3 top-dressing plane. Delivering education programmes to 6,000 children each year, Ag Heritage achieves this with a range of programmes combining digital technology, self-discovery, group work and hands on interaction.

Year 1-8
• We combine digital technology, self discovery, group work and hands on interaction to create inspiring education programmes.

Year 9-13
• Most school programmes offered at the Ag Heritage Museum can be adapted for any level. Popular senior programmes include: Breadbasket of the Waikato; Muka Magic; and Medicinal Plants.

Lifelong Learning
• Custom programmes for pre-schoolers, tertiary students, adults and special interest groups are available – enquire now for more information.

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